Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Famillion Review

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Famillion launches the first of its kind Merging Family Tree technology:

Famillion launches the first of its kind Merging Family Tree technology:
Famillion is a social network that aims to connect the world with its Merging Family Tree technology.
The concept is simple: create a virtual family tree using Famillion's free and incredibly easy to use service and expand the diagram as far as you can or wish to. The actual data entry is a snap, and relationships are encoded with a click of a mouse. The system is user friendly so even non-tech-savvy relatives can take part.

What really caught my attention was the company's latest launch – their first of a kind technology allows overlapping family trees to merge. This takes the social networking and family trees concept to a whole new level. By offering this function, Famillion not only allows you to connect to family and friends you already know of, It also allows you to discover genealogical connection to essentially any other person in the world. (To view the press release, press here)
Up until now, the main buzz was about how social networking is making the world smaller. The buzz that Famillion is creating is even bigger – it's also about family networking. And to say that it's making the world smaller would be an understatement. When I first signed up to Famillion, I added only 10 family members to my family tree. 4 weeks later, there were 30 members in my tree – all but 10 I never knew of.

Famillion also has a few helpful features to allow us to connect to our friends, family and newly discovered relatives, such as sharing photos, stories and adding events to a dynamically updated calendar. Its even has an internal messaging system and privacy rules that keep you on top of your content supervision. Not only is everything easy to use, the flash-based site is also easy on the eyes.
Famillion has everything it takes to thrive. Its social networking quality has massive potential, seeing as 60% of internet users sign up to social networking sites these days, and their merging tree technology is virtually matchless.
If you ask for my opinion – Famillion is on its way to becoming an important part of people's online life.
Famillion's video:

For more information, you can read about the company in recent press coverage (See: Financial Times - April 13th, 2007; Israel 21C, June 10TH, 2007 or visit the site at